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Historic Round Island Lighthouse

The historic Round Island Lighthouse was built in 1859 and was a beacon for sailors, mariners, and explorers for at least 125 years. You can view Round Island – the barrier island that originally housed the Round Island Lighthouse – while driving along Beach Boulevard in Pascagoula. It is the closest island to the shoreline when you look South-Southwest. In 2010, the hurricane-ravaged remnants of the Round Island Lighthouse were relocated to mainland Pascagoula. After numerous restoration projects over a five-year period, the lighthouse is back in business and open to the public. You will see the lighthouse as you are approaching Grand Magnolia Ballroom & Suites if you are traveling in on Highway 90. The lighthouse is located just one block north of our property. Welcoming, educating, and inspiring generations of adventurers and history buffs to Pascagoula – come experience the tales and seafaring legacy of the Pascagoula Round Island Lighthouse!

Lighthouse Park and Boat Launch: 815 Cypress Avenue, Pascagoula MS 39567
Operating Hours: Friday & Saturday | 10am – 5pm

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