grand magnolia yellow flower as bottom border for main page headline.

Photo Gallery

Close up view of brass and crystal chandelier
Main entrance interior along stairway with wood flors,, small tables, flowers, lamp, and side chair
Front entrance foyer corner with small table and guest book
Front interior hallway along stairway with wood floor, side chair and table with lamp
Elegant brass and crystal chandelier with candelabra bulbs
Close up view of sheer white lace embroidered window covering
Beautiful stained glass window hanging
Large white vase sitting on a wood table next to a window
Kitchen with light green walls, white cabinetry, wood countertops, stainless steel appliances and island
Kitchen with light green walls, white cabinets and shelves, wood tops, two windows and center island
Silver tea set on a silver tray next to vase of fresh pink, yellow, and white flowers
Covered porch with white railing, white chair and white entry door
Close up view of white spindle railing
Covered porch, white posts, railing and chairs, painted wood floor, stairs to upper rooms, courtyard with patio tables with umbrellas
Gorgeous lush green trees surrounded by green grassy lawn
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